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About Lalun:

Established in 2011, Lalun is a world music ensemble comprised of Liron Man (Israel/Spain) on hand pans, Lan Tung (Taiwan/Canada) on erhu (Chinese Violin) & vocals, and Jonathan Bernard (Canada) on percussion. With their unique instrumentation and energetic intercultural sound, this international ensemble presents original compositions and new arrangements of traditional music from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, coloured and influenced by its members’ roots in Flamenco, Galician,Taiwanese, Chinese, and Jewish music. Lalun’s music fosters the understanding and interest in non-western music. The ensemble combines distinct musical traditions and instruments in a contemporary and creative framework to inspire and encourage communities and audience members.


A few links to music:

Official group website:!lalun/ciww

Doors Open: 7pm
Concert: 8pm-10pm
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